A group of runners in & around Belleville, IL

COVID-19 Notice

Due to concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19 in our community, the Belleville Running Club has decided to officially cancel all group runs and events scheduled for March. If members still wish to run at the normally scheduled times and locations, nobody is going to stop you. However, please bear in mind the following:

  • The runs will be at your own risk (no insurance coverage, etc. — you probably didn’t even realize we had such coverage)
  • Practice social distancing – ensure six feet of separation between runners (we expect to see this if you post pics)
  • Do not pressure your fellow runners to run, either in a group or alone. People need to make their own choices about joining a small group run during these uncertain times.
    This also includes Couch to 5K since the schools have cancelled classes. We will reassess in the coming weeks to determine when group runs will go on as scheduled.

During these unusual times, we runners depend on running to maintain our sanity. So please keep running. Just be smart about it.

More info from RRCA:

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