River to River Relay

The Belleville Running Club has entered teams in the River to River Relay since 2006.

River to River Relay

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RRR 2019

The BRC will register for teams in the 2019 River to River Relay.

Details on the race:

April 13, 2019 (we will go to Marion on 04/12 and return on 04/14)
Race website: http://rrr.olm.net/
BRC Registration: http://bellevillerunningclub.com/river-to-river-relay/rrr-2019-brc-signup-form/

RRR 2018

Two teams in 2018. After nearly 80 miles of running, our two teams finished within a fraction
a second of each other. Both teams finished at 10:50:48.

RRR 2017

Two teams in 2017. Good times 🙂

RRR 2016

Three teams in 2016. One team of four, one team of six, and one team of eight. It was a
hot year! One of the three teams, placed second in the Running Club division with a time of 10:52:17.

RRR 2014

Only two teams in 2014, but we had a great time.

RRR 2013

We really need to write something here. But, what happens at RRR stays at RRR. Pat…I won’t
anything at all!

RRR 2012

Another Great Year.

RRR 2011

Another Great Year.

RRR 2010

The River to River Relay took place on April 17, 2010. We
entered 3 teams and all 3 teams performed well. Our fastest team finished 26 (out of 236) and won the
running club division. This was the fourth year that we have participated in the relay. Check out the
to River Overall Results and Special Division Awards for our results.