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Belleville Running Club Awesome Member (BAM) Award

The goal of the BRC Awesome Member (BAM) Award is to encourage all members to:

  1. Volunteer at BRC events
  2. Attend BRC meetings (yes, we have to bribe you to attend our meetings)
  3. Show your BRC colors at other events, namely races

BRC Awesome Member Award points and awards are based on participation in, not results of, these activities. Every January, during our Annual Awards Banquet, the top 10 BAM point-getters will be recognized for their accomplishments and BAM prizes will be awarded.

Most Awesome Rewards

  • 1st place – $125 Gift Card to Toolen’s Running Start
  • 2nd place – $50 Race Reimbursement
  • 3rd place – $25 Race Reimbursement

*The next 7 point-getters will receive a BRC Shirt. Also not too shabby.

Details/Rules of Competition

  • Members must submit their race results within 2 WEEKS of completing an event. Results must be submitted by completing the form below. Any running or walking race of any distance will be eligible. Only the running portion of a multisport event will count toward point totals. Unofficial fun runs are excluded.Permanent tattoo of the BRC logo earns you a lifetime BAM Award (and probably a lifetime of regrets).
  • You must be a registered member of the BRC. If you are not an “official” member, you can register at Join Now.
  • Members must race/volunteer in visible BRC gear. It can be a T-shirt, singlet, hoodie, etc. Visit our online store (when open) to purchase one!
  • Members earn 1 point for every full mile raced in any official race. For example, a 5K (3.1 miles) will count as 3 points.
  • Members earn the same number of points if they VOLUNTEER at one of these events. We understand that you may be required to wear a volunteer shirt if you are volunteering at a race. If so, try to wear a BRC hat/visor or something. Or just wear your BRC shirt under the volunteer shirt.
  • Members earn 15 points for volunteering at either of the annual Trashy Runs.
  • Members earn 5 points for attending a BRC meeting.
  • Members earn 2 points/hour for volunteering at the Chili Cookoff.
  • Members earn 1 extra point for posting a photo of yourself (in a BRC shirt) accomplishing one of the tasks above on our facebook group.
  • This year’s program began on January 1, 2020. Point totals will be updated once a month, maybe more often.

Current Leaders

The Point Request Form

Previous Winners

The 2015 (05/01/15 – 12/31/15), 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (coming soon) totals:

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