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River to River Relay

The Belleville Running Club has entered teams in the River to River Relay since 2006.

RRR 2020

The BRC has three teams entered in the 2020 River to River Relay. 

Details on the race:

April 18, 2020 (we will go to Marion on 04/17 and return on 04/19)
Race website:
There are still spots open. Register for one of the BRC teams at: Registration:

Previous Years

RRR 2006

The 2006 River to River Relay was our first foray into the race. We were clueless. All we knew was that the race was an 80 mile relay split between at least 8 runners. How hard could running 10 miles, broken up into 3 segments, be? After all, most of us had run marathons. We eventually struggled through the hills and “finished” with a time of 11:40:10

RRR 2007/2008

After the 2006 race, we vowed to be better prepared and kick some butt in 2007. I think I see Molly back there. (Insert Ryan's comment here.)

The hills weren’t any easier, but we did much better.

BRC made it to the Ohio River!!!

Our 2007 finishing time was 10:44:26 (8:03 min/mi pace). The 2008 race was a little interesting. Due to excessive storms, the first leg of the race was eliminated. Our 2008 finishing times (we had two teams) were 9:18:23 (7:19 pace) and 9:46:22 (7:40 pace).

RRR 2009

The 2009 race was our fourth year and we felt like veterans. r2r-2009

Our 2009 finishing times were 10:05:43 (7:34 pace), 10:09:55 (7:37 pace), and 10:40:41 (8:01) finishing pace.

RRR 2010

The River to River Relay took place on April 17, 2010. We entered 3 teams and all 3 teams performed well. Our fastest team finished 26 (out of 236) and won the running club division. This was the fourth year that we have participated in the relay. Check out the River to River Overall Results and Special Division Awards for our results. If you’re curious, here is a spreadsheet of our times broken out per runner.

RRR 2011

Another Great Year.

RRR 2012

Another Great Year.

RRR 2013

We really need to write something here. But, what happens at RRR stays at RRR. Pat…I won’t say anything at all!

RRR 2014

Only two teams in 2014, but we had a great time.

RRR 2015

Three teams in 2015. The thunderstorms cut the day short for two of our teams, but it was still an awesome time!

RRR 2016

Three teams in 2016. One team of four, one team of six, and one team of eight. It was a tough, hot year! One of the three teams, placed second in the Running Club division with a time of 10:52:17.

RRR 2017

Two teams in 2017. Good times 🙂

RRR 2018

Two teams in 2018. After nearly 80 miles of running, our two teams finished within a fraction of a second of each other. Both teams finished at 10:50:48.

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  • Posted December 20, 2015 at 12:09 pm | Permalink

    Hi Tom,You can fill in the application and send in the reatsirgtion fee, then keep your fingers crossed! There are a lot of teams ahead of you, but you never know what’s going to happen in the last two weeks of September.Cheers,Nancy

  • Kenny
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    one team finished 10:50:48 and the other in what team won Dan ? LOL

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