A group of runners in & around Belleville, IL

Running In Belleville

If you’re new to the area or new to running in the area, here’s a little guide to some of the best places to run in and around Belleville.

Parks, schools, roads, etc

Here is the list of the more common places that we tend to run.

Parks (in Belleville)
Richland Creek Greenway/Metrolink Trail
Approximately 6.4 miles from Southside Park to SWIC
– Also known as MetroBikeLink
MEPRD maintains a trail map
– BRC responsible for cleaning between Southside Park and Hough Park per “adopt a trail”
– BRC 3 & 5 mile loop (see Group Runs)
Laderman Park
– 1 mile asphalt loop
Bellevue Park
– 1 mile loop (with steps!)
BLV West High School
– Crushed limestone path
BLV East High School
– Crushed limestone path
Parks (around Belleville)
LongAcre (Moody) Park
– 1-1/2 mile path
St Ellen Mine
– 1.2 mile path
Shiloh Three Springs
– 1/2 mile path
Forest Park (St Louis)
– Path length depends on which portions of the “heels” and “wheels” path you take
Law Day Run Course
3.1 miles in downtown Belleville

Local Races

Please check out our calendar for a listing of local races. Our calendar is focused on races in Illinois and those which our members are involved.

The most complete race calendar for the entire St Louis area is the St Louis Track Club’s calendar.


  • Posted March 29, 2015 at 3:55 pm | Permalink

    We would like to extend a group discount to the Belleville Run Club if they would like to participate in the USO Country Music Run being held at Union Station on April 25th.

    Gary Wendt

  • Zack
    Posted October 3, 2017 at 4:35 am | Permalink

    Are the paths at the local schools open for everyone? Or is it people who go to the school only? I am trying to find a nice place to run around here some places look nice but then it will turn into a sketchy looking area but then nice again. It’s weird to me.

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